Chi-Rho RECovery

Chi-Rho Recovery is a service offered through CrossFit Chi-Rho to further our goal of total body wellness. These services are provided by a licensed and registered occupational therapist with specialties in soft tissue mobilization techniques that are administered to enhance the body’s natural ability to recover from soft tissue damage. This program is provided in partnership with Fidelis Therapy, LLC who is owned and operated by Jason D. Miles, MOT, OTR/L. These services are intended to not only provide evidenced based natural soft tissue mobilization techniques, but also to provide an avenue for mind, body, and holistic healing.

About jason

Jason D. Miles, MOT, OTR/L received a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Mississippi in 2013. Jason attended Mississippi College  and played both football and baseball.  Jason had the honor of serving combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps. Once his 10 year military career was completed, Jason decided to pursue a passion of addressing individual’s needs with true holistic approaches and innovative techniques to assist with the recovery of function that was lost. With extensive knowledge of human biomechanics, assessment techniques, and a willingness to continually improve, Jason has created Fidelis Therapy, LLC, which is unique in the desire to provide true natural and holistic healing principles to people that desire more for their health than the status quo. Jason believes that to address the needs of an individual, one should address the person through mind, body, spirit, and nutritional means.

What is Myofascial Release?

Fascia is connective tissue that is present throughout the entire body layered in a 3- dimensional pattern. This protective tissue surrounds every structure of our bodies even deep within the molecular levels. When inflammation from use, poor posture, or trauma occur, this tissue can cause pressure upon any structure that it surrounds due to its protective nature producing symptoms of pain, headaches, and can even restrict range of motion within joints and musculature. By manually softening or “releasing” the fascia, many of these symptoms can be significantly decreased or alleviated creating an opportunity for the body to naturally heal and return to a fluid state.  The technique originated by John F. Barnes, PT, LMT, uses sustained gentle pressure to provide a safe and effective modality to calm the fascia and return it to a more functional state. When returned to its natural fluid state through the myofascial release technique, results are long lasting, freeing the client from future pain and discomfort.


Chi-Rho RECovery services


  • 90 Minute Session

  • Slow paced, whole body myofascial treatment

  • Recovery at its best


  • 90 Minute Session

  • Whole body assessment

  • Intense myofascial treatment to areas needed 





  • 55 Minute Session

  • Assessment and medical review

  • Myofascial treatment to areas needed 


  • 30 Minute Session

  • Evaluation and identification of problem areas

  • Suggestions for improvement

sports stretch

sports stretch


  • 30 Minute Guided Stretch Session

  • Individualized recommended stretches

Coming soon! Gratson Therapy (muscle scraping)


  • 55 Minute Session

  • Promotes healing for strains, pulls, and restrictions

*We do not accept Medical Insurance or Medicare

*We require 24 hour notice of cancellations. No shows will incur a $50 fee.

*Billing for the above services will go through our Wodify systems


1205 Clinton Industrial Park Road, Clinton, MS 39056


Phone:  601-724-3625


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